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Posted on:February 22, 2023

I’m sure all of you were eagerly awaiting my next blog post and were sorely disappointed that it all just vanished one day. Alas, it can be tricky to stick to a writing habit. And seeing your old work can be painful. Sometimes it is easier to just start over.

This time around, I’m not coming into this with any ambition. I have no resolution to blog every day, or twice a week, or at any other cadence. Instead, I’m going to post when I actually have something to say. The world is increasingly full of noise, I certainly don’t need to contribute.

The tech specs

This time around, I’ve decided to go with Astro as my static site generator. It is quite the interesting piece of tech. The possibilities for easily adding interactive elements is exciting.

As per usual, I had a strong desire to design my own site from scratch. But I’ve grown a little wiser over the years and know how these things play out. Instead, I’ve opted to use this lovely theme called Astro Paper. I’ve already tweaked it a bit, and will continue to do so. However, I’ll hold off on designing it from scratch until the time is right.