I’m not sure why I expected things would turn out different. But long-form writing and I do not go well together. I spent time writing a 5000+ word post on weight loss and got super bored with editing it. It took a heroic session to write the post and shaping it into something enjoyable was taking even longer.

This is a great personal case study in misaligning my goals and desires. I set a goal to write long-form posts so I could practice them and get better. But nowhere in my person did I have the desire to actually write these hero length posts. The absence of external motivators (i.e. I wasn’t getting paid to write) meant that I didn’t end up sticking to it.

For no good reason, I am feeling inspired to write a formula to describe this:

mental cost to accomplish goal (MCAG) ?= internal motivators (IM) (desires, interests, etc.) + external motivators (EM) (money, validation, dependence, etc.)

I don’t remember the mathematical syntax for determining whether or not both sides are equivalent. Oops. But the intention here is that if your internal and external motivator costs don’t equal or surpass the mental cost to accomplish a goal, then it won’t happen.

Or in Python:

if EM + IM >= MCAG:
   return "Success!"
   return "Success unlikely"

That was a bit of a tangent. But anyway I’m going to start blogging again, but this time in a much more sustainable way. I’ve got much higher priorities in life than writing on my small personal blog. So I will write when I have something I am excited to write about or I just feel like writing. But I’m no longer going to place artificial rules around how I will or won’t blog.

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