Setting the challenge of posting daily was probably made hastily. But I’m not taking the challenge lightly. I actually want to write these posts daily.

But it is in fact a challenge. Any challenge that requires a daily action is hard because things like travel always come up. When you are in your normal day-to-day life, knocking out a post is simple. It may take a while, but there is plenty of “flex” time that can be used.

But when it comes to traveling, especially for work events (where you are expected to hangout after hours), it is challenging.

Not only is it challenging to find the time to actually write, there also isn’t as much time to do the normal daily pondering. If this were a travelog and were I traveling for pleasure, this could be a whole different post. But it’s not.

Regardless of the travel, I’ll be be posting daily. The posts just might not be as inspired as usual.

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