There is often a disconnect between what is fun and what should be done. This is especially true in software development.

As a developer, we are often drawn to shiny new tools. We want to play with the sexy new technologies, not the old reliable ones.

But when it comes to building products, boring is good. When you build boring, you are building something with a stable base. Boring usually has an enormous community where you’ll find answers to your questions.

Sexy and cool technologies on the other hand rarely have that. This of course is how it has to be. The new cutting edge technologies don’t have a huge following, or else it wouldn’t be cutting edge. Once they reach the point of a large audience using it, things tend to be more mature.

Whenever I see a new tool, my initial instinct is to do the exact wrong thing. I try to find a business need to meet the cool new tech. The better approach is finding a good business problem and using the most stable and comfortable tech stack you know.

While they aren’t sexy, frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails provide great value to those who want to develop a product fast.

p.s. I’m really enjoying writing a blog post every day, it gives a nice sense of accomplishment. It looks like today will be #25 since I started in October.

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