As I’m hitting day 32 of blogging every day, I’ve got a new plan for how I intend to proceed for the 365 days of blogging.

I’ve come to the realization that unless I am willing to spend 2 hours a day writing a blog post, I’m not going to be writing the quality of post I want to be producing. Plus having to come up with something to write about every single day ensures lots of duds. Plus there is no time allocated for drafting and editing posts.

Rather than have my blog become a public journal, I’ve got a new plan.

I’m going to focus on one quality post a week. That is still 52 posts in a years, an impressive number. But the real winner is that these will actually be thoughtful and edited posts.

I’ll still be writing and researching daily, but focusing on longer-form posts. I think this will also allow me to focus on improving my writing skills since I’ll have time to do proper editing.

If there are short interesting topics I want to post about on a given day, I will do so, but there will be one big post a week.

I’ll probably try to set a cadence to post it every Sunday, but we’ll see.

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