Day 7 of blogging daily and I’ve got to say that it’s been a good experiment, and I plan to continue doing it. On a daily basis it requires me to sit down, think, and write about some new topic. While calling any of these posts a real accomplishment would be a stretch, having at minimum one task knocked out daily is nice.

There is some minor stress in needing to get it done. If I’m not able to write in the morning, it means after a long day of work, I still have something I need to accomplish. And it is remarkable how quickly the brain tires of repetitive tasks. But part of the objective is to build up discipline in doing something I don’t really want to do. Truthfully, I wanted to write more, but daily is probably a bit much.

But there is something to be said for doing a task daily.

Need to renovate the site a bit

One thing is becoming clear though. This new hugo site is great for me writing it, but from a visitor perspective, I don’t think it is currently ideal.

When you go to someone’s personal site, you expect to learn who they are and maybe what projects they are working on. Currently on this site you just get the latest posts. This is not ideal, especially when I’m posting daily about any random topic.

So I’m going to change things around a bit so that:

  1. Daily posts don’t show up on the front-page
  2. I’ll put some more personal info up, who I am, what I do, how to reach out to me, that sorta thing
  3. Make it easier to categorize/view posts – if you are interested in Kubernetes it should be easy to find all relevant posts

I’m definitely no design expert, but I also think the site design is a bit… boring. If I’m going to be posting here daily, it would be nice to have things be a bit more lively.

Well, that’s a project to play around with this weekend.

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