I feel like one of life’s greatest joys is listening to good music nice and loud on quality speakers or headphones. When you listen to music quietly, especially with headphones, at what you’re told is the safe listening volume, you don’t get to appreciate the depth or full character of the music.

It’s a real shame, because when you let the music dominate your senses it can be a truly moving experience. But alas, it turns out to be terrible for our ears. And that sort of experience isn’t worth ruining your ears over.

Speakers are better in this regard than headphones since you can listen at higher volumes before you damage your ears. If you’ve got a quality setup with a sub and all you can even have a true physical experience. But speakers are a challenge since unlike headphones, everyone within a certain radius is forced to hear whatever you are listening to whether they like it or not.

It would be amazing if there was a piece of technology which could produce brainwaves to give you that magical experience of loud music but bypassing the ears altogether. There are those bone-conducting headphones but I’ve never heard good things about those, plus you still are hearing everything else.

With all of the advances in biotechnologies it is probably only a matter of time before this is possible. But whoever invents such a tool will make a ton of money.

For now when you listen to headphones it’s best to just be cautious and listen quietly. But some music is just a crime to listen to at low volumes.

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