When you are a weightlifter, it is important to take a deload week from time to time. Might be once every 4 weeks, once every 8 weeks, or whatever your body needs. When you’ve been lifting heavy weights and increasing either the intensity or volume every day, your body will eventually need a break. Sure, most likely you have a rest day or two in your week, but that only keeps you going so long.

Eventually you do need a deload week where you just either don’t lift at all, or you lift at a much lighter weight, just to get the blood flowing. While this seems counter productive, since every day not working towards your goal seems like a day wasted. But the body is not so simple that work in directly translates to progress towards your goal. A week spent away from the intense sessions allows your body to recover from the constant stress.

When you get back from your deload week, it might take a day or two to get back into it, but generally you will feel stronger than when you entered the deload week.

I think this also applies well to the rest of life. Thankfully personal time off (PTO) is a thing for many. But not everyone has it, especially if you work hourly rather than salary. Time away from work is crucial to your long-term sanity and well being.

I know I personally struggle greatly with not feeling like I’m being super lazy when I take a chill week off. But when I come back rejuvenated and feeling like not everything is wrong with the world, it is clear it was time well spent.

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