If you’re like me, you find it hard to enjoy reading through the majority of blogs out there. They are either too clickbaity, too bullshitty and almost always after your money. Wanting to get money is understandable, it takes at least time and effort (often money as well) to create the content that people want to read.

The problem is when the money is first, the content comes second. When you see the Guardian or similar outlets begging for money, you know it’s because they actually want to continue to support journalists going out and uncovering stories. But some years ago people realized the cash-cow that blogging became and started pumping out all sorts of crap in order to get clicks.

So let’s take a look at some sites that actually warrant your spending time reading them.

Quick note: there are tons of fantastic niche blogs out there. This list is a few I think will be likely interesting to all.

1. Atlas Obscura

The world is a weird and fascinating place. When you live in bigger cities, you are sheltered from a lot of the obscurities out there. We tend to focus on the current moment, or even the future, not often thinking about the history of where we are.

Atlas Obscura has tons of interesting stories about places all around the world. If you’ve enjoyed shows like Dark Tourist, this site will satisfy some of those cravings.

What’s cool is you can also filter by your current city and discover things you probably didn’t know about.

Here are some interesting posts:

2. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is a brilliant blog where Tim Urban writes epic-length, thought-provoking posts. He covers a range of topics, but they tend to be an informative read for everyone, even if not always directly relevant.

Here are some good posts:

3. Nautilus

Nautilus is a throwback to the old-school science magazines. In fact, it is a magazine which you can buy physical copies of. When reading online you can browse it by issue, and each issue has its own set of chapters. Each issue has a different theme.

If you’re interested in science, you’ll probably find some interest here that isn’t bloated with clickbait. That’s the nice thing about magazines, they profit off of people buying subscriptions so they aren’t reliant on clickbaity nonsense (unless it’s a magazine you see at the checkout line).

4. JSTOR Daily

I learned about JSTOR Daily recently and have been checking it a few times a week. If you’ve gone to a university and spent any time doing research, you’re probably familiar with JSTOR. You never know what random articles you’ll run into.

What’s cool is since JSTOR is a library of resources, each post references actual resources. When is the last time you saw a citation in a blog post?

Here are some interesting posts I’ve read:

Those were a few sites that I find interesting to checkout. Hopefully at least one of these is new to you and you find it interesting.

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